Rebel by Nature: And Probably Nurture

This is a story I wrote for a contest I participated in. It is the beginning of a memoir, about moving from a suburb of Indianapolis to a rural, farm community; Tipton, Indiana. Read on to learn more about how a tragedy in the community shaped who I am today

Moving to McKinney! Pain Free Acupuncture Clinic, Office Space, but first…… Ranch in Argyle

Moving is hard, fun, stressful and an opportunity for growth and change. Read on for more about our move from Noblesville, Indiana to McKinney, Texas. We’re having some fun along the way

Swimmers, Take Your Mark!….Hold on, Just a Second

An article about anticipation, waiting, and having fun doing it. Savoring the Moments You know that feeling when you are about to jump off a high dive into a pool? Or just as the plane is lifting off and you have that feeling of weightlessness? Or when you are at the very top of theContinue reading “Swimmers, Take Your Mark!….Hold on, Just a Second”