I’m a huge fan of taking pictures.

I can be found walking around, with either my phone or my bigger, more noticeable Canon Rebel, taking pics.

If I see a view I want to remember, I’ll reach for my phone (currently using the iPhone 14 pro) and snap two or three pics.

Sunrises, sun reflecting across water, a family of ducks walking, and just about anything with trees, oceans, or running water…

are things I tend to get a picture of.

When carrying my Canon Rebel with a little extra zoom, I love catching people mid-laugh or smile and then snap a couple of pics. Any facial expression expression will get my attention, which coincides with my other jobs, providing mental health therapy and working for a non-profit board.

I’m attaching just a few pics here, and will continue to upload them to the site in the link below.

So far, I’ve enjoyed uploading, and then ordering, from myself. I ordered a notebook with a picture of the landscape listed below, which then became the cover of a small notebook I use for personal notes.

I’ve also enjoyed making a greeting card or two with a sunset or sunrise over water. I could then add in a little statement of my own, knowing the sunset on the boat ride from Naples would be meaningful to my high school graduating cousin’s grandfather, who lives there

Madison, WI; 5/2021
Pond at Village Park
Cannon Beach

Here’s a the link:

Trauma Informed Mental Health

As a trauma informed mental health provider, I like to write about (and read about) wellness, trauma, and providing quality services in mental health. I provide articles and links to articles I have written about mental health and things I observe in our culture

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