Swimmers, Take Your Mark…… (hold on, just a second)

he was ready to go down the slide. It’s all about anticipation and enjoying the wait

Savoring the Moments

So….you know that feeling when you are about to jump off a high dive into a pool?

Or just as the plane is lifting off and you have that feeling of weightlessness?

Or when you are at the very top of the roller coaster and about to go really fast… or climbing a tree higher than you thought you were going to be able to?

That’s kind of where I am with things right now. I love all of those experiences….my favorite part of the plane ride is lift off. I try to pay attention to that first feeling of flying, and am kind of sad when I start reading my book too early and miss it.

In fact, I could write a pretty long story about how I took some risks at a ropes course, which happened to be a work retreat, and ended up with a partially torn bicep, making it very difficult to write or type, which were two pretty big aspects of my job.

  • Or the time I participated in the Warrior Dash, and twisted my knee slipping in mud.

My love of risk and my youthful exuberance override my ‘stop’ signal, which would be helpful to have along with these overly stretchy, unreliable ligaments.

So, my history is to jump, or climb, or ‘go for it’.

This situation is a little different.

See, we’re about to move to Texas. Our house is for sale, and when someone puts in an offer on our house, we’ll put in an offer on one we’ve picked out (or a different one, if those sell).

But first someone has to buy our house. Which they will, but standing at the end of the diving board and looking down? That part isn’t my favorite.

For the past few months, we’ve been kind of in a frantic rush-I had surgery in December, recovered, had the holidays, my boys came home to turn 21 for what seemed like would be the last extended time in the house they have lived in since they were 8, and then it was time to go to into overdrive in getting the house ready.

Somewhere near Dallas, Jan. 2019
It felt like a little break to go to Texas a couple of times to look for houses, and then I tagged along on a business trip of Matt’s while people ‘looked at our house’.
Polar Vortex, 2019
We introduce you to the Polar Vortex

You might remember the Polar Vortex if you live in the Midwest. When it was -11 or -9 or so? Well, those were the days I had determined, in my mind, that people would be looking at our house.

It turns out, very few people want to look at houses in negative degree temperatures.

It’s a good reminder about control.

I had decided on a schedule, and that schedule is taking longer than I had allotted. I know that our house will sell, we will move, and it will be both hard and fun in many, many ways. I also know that January is really not the best time to put a house on the market.

But still, that is what I had anticipated.

So, I’m going to have to make the best of it.

While we are in pause mode waiting for our buyer, I’m thinking of some things I savor, and some benefits to having more time than I need on my hands. While we wait for that perfect family who wants to pick up with their family memories where we left have left off, since the former 8 year olds are now 21.

After I make my bed perfectly every day (ugh), I’ve been able to go to lunch with friends, schedule upcoming lunches and dinners with friends and family, go to community meetings I enjoyed going to with a previous job, and have extended texting conversations with friends and family.

I get to really think about where I want to live in the Dallas area and what I’m looking for in the area where we choose to live.

I’m not a big ‘house’ person, and my decorating skills are about the same as a 4th grader with very little interest in decorating. I care about an open kitchen where I can see the living room, a good sized closet, and I really want a pool.

Mostly, I care about community, and ways to get to chat with people who may become my friend.

I’m figuring out what my employment will be, and how to transfer a mental health license to a state that uses a different test than Indiana does.

So a goal I’m going to try is to try to treat this time like I do when I eat one of my favorite snacks, oreos and milk.

When I eat Oreos and Milk, I like to sit down, with the 2 cookies and the milk, and really focus on the flavors (I need to figure out how to do that with salad…eh, probably not).

I get frustrated if I get interrupted and eat without paying attention to the flavors that I enjoy.

Sometimes, when I eat a cookie on my way to the couch to eat my snack, I go back for a third so that I have 2 while I’m sitting. I try to savor them, just like I try to pay attention to that moment of lift off in a plane. That moment of freedom. That leap of faith jumping into the air over a pool. That feeling of climbing up one more branch in a tree to go higher and then look down. Riding my bike too fast down a hill. These are moments that I’ve always enjoyed.

So….I wait. Ready to jump, but the water isn’t quite ready for me yet.

Swimmers Take your Mark…….

(Hold on a second, you got this)

Take a second and enjoy your time til the race starts.

Also…..anybody want to buy a house?? :). It’s been filled with love, laughter, talking, negotiating, and lots and lots of conversations!