An Article in Voyage Dallas: Conversations with Terri Parke

Conversations with Terri Parke Here’s an article that was published in Voyage Dallas. I’m excited to be a part of it. Voyage Dallas is a magazine that publishes articles. Since I live in the North Texas area, fairly close to Dallas, I was a candidate for being included in their piece. In the article IContinue reading “An Article in Voyage Dallas: Conversations with Terri Parke”

Breaks: Here are a Few (one or two or so)

Do you need a break? From what? I love breaks. If I’m with others in a group setting and the instructor asks ‘do y’all need a break?’ I’ll smile affirmatively. There are those who love consistent learning without breaks. Those who fast forward through commercials. And then there’s versions more similar to me. At theContinue reading “Breaks: Here are a Few (one or two or so)”

Softball for the Win, Volleyball for Life

What are your favorite sports to watch and play? When I was younger, all I wanted to do was to play sports. I kind of started with swimming, which is definitely the best sport for me. I love breast stroke, do fairly ok at freestyle, and was able to stay bouyant with back and butterfly.Continue reading “Softball for the Win, Volleyball for Life”

Movies, Thanksgiving, and ADHD

As we get a little closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re looking around our house at some things that can use a little sprucing up, hoping for lights on the house to be installed today, and enjoying some sun on a cool day in November. One of the things I’m working on is learning aboutContinue reading “Movies, Thanksgiving, and ADHD”

ADHD Summit #adhd2022 #dallastx

Here at the ADHD Summit, where one of the trainings of the day was cancelled. We’re sitting around a round table talking about psycho-pharmacology, experiences we teach and utilize with coping skills, and making connections. So far, this conference is everything I have hoped for