Sunday Morning: Anthology

Books, Author, Mental HealthTherapy and Community Connections Women Write Now: Trauma Stories is available. curated by Edna J White. It’s a collection that has been in the works for a while. It includes previously published authors, newly published writers, and a story written by Ms.White. To purchase, go to Amazon, SOOPLLC, or local sites andContinue reading “Sunday Morning: Anthology”

Handcrafted Prints! Artistry and More

Through Instagram, I reached out to a few artists to see if there was an artist who might want to collaborate on creating some work. Below is some of the work Emily Faust created through her business. Her card is included below. I’m really excited to be able to share them; and to promote StContinue reading “Handcrafted Prints! Artistry and More”

Multiculturalism: Some Experiences Last a Lifetime

In 1990, the Walls in Germany and Berlin came down, uniting East and West Germany for the first time since WWII. That summer, in July, about 20 youth between 16-22 gathered to work and holiday in France within walking distance of Sweden, and not too far from Lyon.

In 1989, a group of about 20 youth between 16-22, as well as several adults from Tipton, Indiana joined an equal number of youth and adults from Indianola, Iowa to help an orphanage get a ‘tune up’ in terms of looking a little nicer, giving some time and attention to the children there, and working together. In Reynosa, Mexico (just over the boarder of Mexico) we worked, played, sang, and learned to communicate with each other and the children and adults who lives in Reynosa at that time.

I was a part of both of those groups, and here is my story:

Leadership: Using Empathy ‘I Hear You Saying You Are Frustrated’

So anyone who lives in the US (or really, in the world) knows that there has been a recent election in the US. It was, or is, a very tight race, with lots of people voting for the candidates whom they feel best represent their interests, their level of comfort, and numerous other reasons thatContinue reading “Leadership: Using Empathy ‘I Hear You Saying You Are Frustrated’”

I’m a ‘Boss’,but I’m not ‘Bossy’: Leading with Authenticity and Servant Leadership

In my most recent article on leadership, I wrote about leadership in children. In this article, I’m focusing on leadership as it goes along with leadership style. In 2015, I attended a training on Protective Factors. At one point during the 3-day training, the leader had us write a sentence about ourselves, where we saidContinue reading “I’m a ‘Boss’,but I’m not ‘Bossy’: Leading with Authenticity and Servant Leadership”