Handcrafted Prints! Artistry and More

Through Instagram, I reached out to a few artists to see if there was an artist who might want to collaborate on creating some work.

Below is some of the work Emily Faust created through her business. Her card is included below.

I’m really excited to be able to share them; and to promote St Gabe’s Holiday Boutique which will be from 9-4 on Saturday, November 5th. There will be lots of booths with various items.

Those artists, who handcraft their work and have availability through their own sites, stores, or by personal contact, were there with samples of their art. I was able to purchase a little bit of gold jewlery, identify a few potential presents for other people, and speak with some contacts we’ve been making through Parke Counseling and Artistry.

There will be handcrafted jewlery by Handcrafted by Tressa, who creates stone jewlery;

Contact directly through Instagram or Etsy

Earrings: created by HandcraftedbyTressa

I’ll be checking out the event at St. Gabe’s,and have prints inspired through McKinney Coffee.


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I have an MA in Community Counseling and a BS in Psychology. I like to provide mental health talk therapy, write, and consult. I'm an Indiana girl at heart, both the state and the University. My 20 something twin sons and older than 50 husband could tell you more-Happy reading!

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