Parenting with Fierceness: Raising the Bottom

One of my favorite roles as a professional has been teaching a class for first-time substance users who were teenagers. The program occured in Clinton County, Indiana and was funded through the Probation Department to help educate youth about substance use and abuse in order to help prevent future under-age/illegal use. One of the phrasesContinue reading “Parenting with Fierceness: Raising the Bottom”

Gotta Let the Dog Out!

Things People Might Say or Do to Motivate and Stay on Task Have you ever been somewhere, where you wanted to be when you first got there, and then you wanted to leave? And you wanted to leave a little before it seemed socially appropriate? I usually want to be where I am, and myContinue reading “Gotta Let the Dog Out!”

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Ever wonder what makes it so hard to grow up? A good friend was talking with me this morning about this frustration. I have also noticed that kids who are around 20ish are not nearly in the rush to grow up that I was. Her specific frustration was about an adult in her life whoContinue reading “Growing Up is Hard to Do”