Homelessness in Madison County: 2017


Saying Yes!! Graduating from Indiana to Texas, and the Predictive Index

I read a blog by my friend’s daughter the other day I’ve known her since before she was born, when her mom and I worked together. The first time I knew of her, I remember clearly. We were at a staff meeting, and a bowl of burned popcorn was placed in front of her mom’sContinue reading “Saying Yes!! Graduating from Indiana to Texas, and the Predictive Index”

Parenting with Fierceness: Moving from Pre-Teen to Teen, or Toddler to Pre-Schooler (Hint: It Is Pretty Much the Same)

Want to motivate a temper-tantruming teen? Thinking of pre-teens and teens as we do two and four year olds can help us with motivating, encouraging, and developmental awareness. Click to read more!