History of the Parke Counseling, LLC Logo

I had decided to start my own company, and I named it Parke Counseling, LLC.   It was exciting!  I obtained a Federal Tax ID number and I registered with the Secretary of State (Indiana) Next up: finding a way to bill for services: (always a good goal for a business, right?) 🙂 I joinedContinue reading “History of the Parke Counseling, LLC Logo”

Wishing You Could Focus on Strengths?

Here are some things I learned from supervising others during a 20 year period. I really enjoy motivating others to do what I want, so I had to learn some ways to do that along the way. I had several mistakes along the way, and I’ll probably make more of them.

Leading with Motivation and Support: Some Perks and a Couple Drawbacks

Like to lead others through telling them what a great job they do? Wish you did more of that? Read on about some benefits of asking people about their day and telling them what they are doing well.