Thinking about Starting Something New?

Thinking about switching jobs or making a change?
Read on for some ideas about what works for me

Swimmers, Take Your Mark!….Hold on, Just a Second

An article about anticipation, waiting, and having fun doing it. Savoring the Moments You know that feeling when you are about to jump off a high dive into a pool? Or just as the plane is lifting off and you have that feeling of weightlessness? Or when you are at the very top of theContinue reading “Swimmers, Take Your Mark!….Hold on, Just a Second”

Connecting! Leading Through Words, Looks, and Intentional Silences

I love connecting with others. I make eye contact, I talk with people I don’t know, I’m interested in what other people have to say, and I love people in general (most of them anyway).

Making it fun! ADHD, High Intensity Kids, and Providing Therapy and Structure to All of the Above

When I begin therapy with a client with a diagnosis in attention issues, I start with a pretty simple premise. ‘Therapy is fun!’