2018 ends, 2019 begins: The New Year

As 2018 ended, I wrote and article about some of my aspirations for 2019. We have some pretty major changes coming up in our location.

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December 26th: An Underrated Holiday


a Christmas Decorating Masterpiece (photo by tdp)

History of the Parke Counseling, LLC Logo

I had decided to start my own company, and I named it Parke Counseling, LLC.  

It was exciting!  I obtained a Federal Tax ID number and I registered with the Secretary of State (Indiana)

Next up: finding a way to bill for services: (always a good goal for a business, right?) 🙂

I joined a private practice as an Individual Practitioner.

I have historically worked for non-profits (Children’s Bureau, Inc and Promising Futures of Central Indiana), so I understand board input and I like to get feedback from others in that setting.

I also worked for 13.5 years for a for-profit business named Preservation Partners, Inc.

I have not done much contract work, so this was a new area for me to learn about.

I was ready to put my counseling skills to work in a private practice, for-profit setting.

I would work for a profit and have a person skilled in billing to submit the bills. A win-win for all. Part of my position at Promising Futures and at the Children’s Burea was completing billing, so I understood what needed to be done, and recognized that having someone else contracted to do it is a nice thing to have. 

After about 4 months in private practice, I realized that I missed having the opportunity to attend community meetings, which have always been a part of my employment.

I went to a community meeting. The meeting I attended is part of the ‘No More Secrets campaign which is run through the Trustee in Delaware Township in Hamilton County, Indiana.

While I was there, someone asked me for my business card.

That’s really the first time I realized that I did not have one, and that I would probably need one. 

I thought to myself ‘I can make my own!’

‘It is fairly easy, and then I can order them from Vista’, which is a fairly inexpensive company.


OK, making myself a business card requires a logo.

First, I tried to make it myself. This task was quite a bit more difficult than I had initially thought it would be.

I sent an email to a good friend of my sons, Nick. I told him I was interested in a logo in green and blue, like the colors in my kitchen.

He gave me the colors I loved and a starting point.

Next, I communicated with Kenzie, a sophomore in college who is also a good friend of my sons. She’s super artsy, and made it look just like I wanted.

Unfortunately, it was editable and we initially did not know how to transition it to an adobe document without additional help.

Being resourceful, she communicated with Michael. He is quite skilled in technology as well, and made it a document which is what you see above.

One of my sons is going to help me with switching out the backside of the business card which shows my name and contact information to have the correct business number. The number is 317-350-0032. 

I hope, as you work to accomplish tasks that are difficult for you to accomplish without assistance, that you ask for help. The resources I had available to me enabled me to have a logo that I am proud of and that was able to access due to connections I have in the community and at Indiana University (where they all attend college)

The person that I asked for help initially helped me know about other people who coud also help me.

If you have a task that you need to accomplish, I encourage you to reach out, either by email, text, or phone call, and ask for the assistance you need.

If that person can help you some, then they may also be able to direct you to the next person who may ask for help as well.  

Eventually, you may get the product or help you need. 

Or you might just figure it out for yourself.

Have a great day!


A Look Back…A 2017 Article Written About the #MeToo Movement

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Kauai, an island of Hawaii, 2018
Perspective on a dock


a pictures of runners who are near the finish line
Runners at the Michael Treinen Turkey Trot, 2018

Wishing You Could Focus on Strengths?

Pink and Purple Vincas growing in a pot
Some pretty flowers


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