My Time in Europe

a picture of a yellow sunset and the setting sun
in Texas you can see forever

Here’s an article I wrote for Medium about my trip to Europe to promote World Peace in 1990. Enjoy!

Tryin’ to Decide on a Costume?

Boy playin’ Baseball

A pictures of 3 15 year old boys wearing masks on their faces
Three Teens with Masks on at Sunset

Click the link below to learn about some of my favorite parts of some of the costumes I wore, and how that was meaningful to me.


What I Love About the New iPhone X: Camera

The text I had not been looking for, on a day when I was already planning to attend my uncle’s viewing, came to me at about 3pm.

“My phone stopped working…it was at 65%, and it just died.  For no reason.  I didn’t do anything, and it just died.”

Of course, we went through all of the typical responses-turn it all of the way off and on, charge it.  All to no avail.

So, my husband and I, after some consulting with each other, determined we would drive from the viewing in Greenfield, Indiana to Bloomington, Indiana to replace the phone that was not working, with my phone.

I would then buy the iPhone X.

The iPhone 10 (or the X, depending on who you ask) has some new features.  It does not have a home button, it has facial recognition instead of a home button for your fingerprint, and it has an enhanced camera, with features that rival my Canon Rebel, which does NOT fit in my pocket.

silver iphone x with airpods
Photo by Jess Watters on

Although it has definitely been a learning curve for me, I am enjoying my iPhone X.  I took some pics this morning around Noblesville, Indiana, which is where I live.

Family Dinners

Mosby loves family dinners

Friends having a great time interactin’

Want a Happy Productive Day?

I love to be productive When I start my day-some might even call me a ‘morning person’ (insert ughs here) 

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