Softball for the Win, Volleyball for Life

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was to play sports.

I kind of started with swimming, which is definitely the best sport for me. I love breast stroke, do fairly ok at freestyle, and was able to stay bouyant with back and butterfly.

But if you ask me, my first sport was softball. I played catch, and could throw to 2nd when I first played softball at 10 years old.

Now, I cannot run well, and I didn’t learn to bat right handed until I learned to play tennis left handed, so I have some drawbacks in that sport.

I really love to dribble a basketball, to hit a tennis ball, but my favorite is being a back row specialist in volleyball.

Our team was filled with athletes, and my job was to hit balls that came to me to the setter or the hitter. I was to serve the ball over the net at least once.

And I called out ‘dink!!’ Or ‘free!!’ Or ‘ got it!! With authority.

We won all but 4 games when I was in 10th grade, and those are some of my favorite memories.

What are some things you’ve had to work at?

What is something you wished you had more natural skill at, and have practiced to improve?

Now, watching is a different story.

When it comes to watching, I’m a gymnast.

All of the things that can be hard for me, I can watch for.

Balance beam, uneven bars, floor exercise, and my childhood favorite was the uneven bars.

My long arms and legs, with a high center of gravity, make it hard for me to perform, but I can watch and critique like no other.

How about you?

What are you looking forward to?

Hope it’s fun. Practice equals increased success, in everything

Practicing my writing today, and I hope you have something to do you are working at improving as well


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I have an MA in Community Counseling and a BS in Psychology. I like to provide mental health talk therapy, write, and consult. I'm an Indiana girl at heart, both the state and the University. My 20 something twin sons and older than 50 husband could tell you more-Happy reading!

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