Breaks: Here are a Few (one or two or so)

Do you need a break? From what?

I love breaks.

If I’m with others in a group setting and the instructor asks ‘do y’all need a break?’

I’ll smile affirmatively. There are those who love consistent learning without breaks. Those who fast forward through commercials.

And then there’s versions more similar to me.

At the ripple old age of 50, I received a formal ADHD diagnosis. It wasn’t so much news to me to have the diagnosis, but being medicated was a different story.

One of the breaks I love is going to Pilates. It gives me a break from my electronics, a break from standing as much, and is peaceful for me.

What gives y’all a break? Is it riding a bike?

Binge watching tv?

Having a drink of water?

Or something else?

I’m currently taking a lunch break, writing, and standing up.



Published by terriparke

I have an MA in Community Counseling and a BS in Psychology. I like to provide mental health talk therapy, write, and consult. I'm an Indiana girl at heart, both the state and the University. My 20 something twin sons and older than 50 husband could tell you more-Happy reading!

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