Movies, Thanksgiving, and ADHD

As we get a little closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re looking around our house at some things that can use a little sprucing up, hoping for lights on the house to be installed today, and enjoying some sun on a cool day in November.

One of the things I’m working on is learning about creating videos, marketing the Parke Counseling and Artistry page, and ingesting some of the information I heard this week at the ADHD Summit, put on by CHADD in Dallas, Texas.

Through the conference, I was able to network with ADHD coaches, educators, metal health therapists, and researchers.

I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about some of the research occurring with neurological differences in brains, and how coping skills and without medications can be effective with having emotional connections, productivity, and the ability to rest our brains.

I have included a link to an upload to Vimeo.

Hope your week has some emotional support and connections, some food you like to eat, and that you also are continuing to learn and try new things.


Published by terriparke

I have an MA in Community Counseling and a BS in Psychology. I like to provide mental health talk therapy, write, and consult. I'm an Indiana girl at heart, both the state and the University. My 20 something twin sons and older than 50 husband could tell you more-Happy reading!

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