PodCast: Parke Counseling

Hi! I have attached a podcast that I am using from a new platform, Anchor. You can find me on Apple Podcasts under Parke Counseling, or by searching Terri Parke.

This podcast is a little bit about trauma therapy, and some evidence based treatments for it. I end by talking a little about how COVID has affected all of us, and some of the traumatic affects it has had or could have had on us as we continue to live through this pandemic.

Here’s the Link:


Happy Listening!


Published by terriparke

I have an MA in Community Counseling and a BS in Psychology. I like to provide mental health talk therapy, write, and consult. I'm an Indiana girl at heart, both the state and the University. My 20 something twin sons and older than 50 husband could tell you more-Happy reading!

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