About me

Hi! I love to write, create art and music, and provide therapy. In 1993, I received a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology from Indiana University and in 1995, a Master’s of Arts in Counseling from the University of Cincinnati.

Since then, I have worked at multiple for-profit and non-profit businesses in therapist, director and supervisory capacities .

I have a Clinical Therapy license in Indiana (LMHC) and a professional counseling license in Texas with a designation for supervisor (LPC-S). In 2019, I moved from Indiana to Texas.

This blog showcases articles about mental health, photography, and art, and has links with opportunities to purchase photography, art, and a recently published anthology, Women Write Now, Trauma Stories, which includes an article I wrote.

Parke Counseling and Artistry Blog Posts

Articles and Published Works

  • The Mind Body Connection, Mental Health Therapy and Pilates

  • Blue Caboose Children’s Fund (BCCF): Providing Emotional, Concrete and Parental Support http://bluecaboose.org

  • Coffee, Tea, Both, or Neither?

  • Multiculturalism: Some Experiences Last a Lifetime

  • Work Space

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