PodCast: Moving to McKinney, Making Change, and Reflecting

Here’s a podcast based on the article about transitions, new office space, and a fresh start. Have a listen!

Moving to McKinney! Pain Free Acupuncture Clinic, Office Space, but first…… Ranch in Argyle

Moving is hard, fun, stressful and an opportunity for growth and change. Read on for more about our move from Noblesville, Indiana to McKinney, Texas. We’re having some fun along the way

Saying Yes!! Graduating from Indiana to Texas, and the Predictive Index

I read a blog by my friend’s daughter the other day I’ve known her since before she was born, when her mom and I worked together. The first time I knew of her, I remember clearly. We were at a staff meeting, and a bowl of burned popcorn was placed in front of her mom’sContinue reading “Saying Yes!! Graduating from Indiana to Texas, and the Predictive Index”