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Jun 25, 2019 13:48 moving, change, and great new opportunities
Listen to hear about moving, transitions, making change, and new office space. Thanks for stopping by!


PodCast: Moving to McKinney, Making Change, and Reflecting on Transitions/Changes to be Made;

Here’s a podcast based on the article of a similar name about our move to Texas and our opportunities included with that. I am excited to announce that I have office space in McKinney (Craig Ranch) Texas, and will begin seeing clients on July 8th. Hope your day is going well-and that you enjoy listening.


Moving to McKinney! Pain Free Acupuncture Clinic, Office Space, but first…… Ranch in Argyle

We drove into McKinney, Texas; well I drove into McKinney, on June 6th at a little before 5pm. I had the puppy, and my husband went directly to the ranch, in Argyle, Texas, where we would be staying for three weeks to check in, meet Pam the owner, and drop off a couple of things.

After 2 days of driving, and only one full hour of Oklahoma storms where we met for lunch at 2 separate Chick Filas, we had made it To our new to us home in time for our final walk through prior to signing the papers to purchase it.

Luckily, Matt came through as photographer-suggester, and suggested we take a selfie at our home in Noblesville before we left. I agreed with that suggestion, and took several pics through the home, including our view of the beautiful grass we grow so easily in Indiana.

View from the front porch

Our home had been professionally cleaned, all of the stuff had been loaded on a truck, and we had put the final remaining things into our 2 vehicles so that we’d have clothes, some chairs, and some food/hygiene items for the 3 weeks between closing on our new house and moving into it.

Our new to us house is as perfect to us as we remembered, and a couple of the things we had been concerned about turned out not to be the case (we saw the home for 15-30 minutes in early May, the day we made the offer. 2nd to last one we looked at 🙂

We walked around, and I took pics of the home with the previous owners’ belongings in it. I enjoy their decorating style, and wanted to be able to replicate a couple of things once they had their things out of it.

Wayfair Floor covering in kitchen 🙂

It was such a relief to see our new-to-us home, and then to close without incident on it on 6/7.

Even better, the ranch our realtor had connected us with in Argyle, Texas, is an Air BNB that is lovelier than I could ever describe in words.

Sitting poolside at the ranch-Sparrow Ranch

We became Texas landowners on 6/7/2019, and settled in to enjoy our stay and to begin preparing to move into our home at the end of the month.

My good childhood friends, Cara, and her twin sister Sara, live in the area we are moving to. Cara is really close, in fact lives less than a mile from our new home.

I have been communicating with them about re-connecting, especially asking Cara for help with finding a hair dresser, help with mental health office space, etc., and help finding medical/chiropractic care.

I am excited to say that on June 18th, which also happens to be my 25th wedding anniversary, I signed on the dotted line and began renting space at the Pain Free Acupuncture Clinic in McKinney (Craig Ranch) Texas. I am writing this blog from the desk that I share with Gail, the clinical manager.

new office door
Office door, Pain Free Acupuncture Clinic

We wrap up our stay late this week, our boys come with their muscles this weekend, and the furniture truck arrives mid-next week.

When I think about all of the anticipation and the change we have had, I think about new beginnings

I think about heartfelt ‘see you soons’

I think about so many new opportunities

As you think about changes you would like to make, or changes you have made, think about things you love, things that make you unsettled, and your plan for change

Think about ‘how can I improve what I have and love, and what can I do to make things better and sometimes harder’, at least in the short term.

Change isn’t easy….but it sure is exciting!

Sunset in Grapevine

Jun 16, 2019 10:29 Leading with Compassion: Podcast Part 2, Moving from Indiana to Texas and the Predictive Index

Here’s the PodCast, Leading with Compassion: Moving from Indiana to Texas and the Predictive Index. Part 2 of 2

I discuss how our personality characteristics, specifically being socially driven and driven to do things by the rules, help us to perform and behave.

This podcast is based on a blog by a similar name which is posted as one article.

Hope you enjoy it!

Jun 8, 2019 05:33 leading with Compassion, podcast Part 1, graduating from Indiana and moving to Texas, and the Predictive Index


Here’s part 1, approximately 30 minutes, of today’s podcast about moving Predictive Index

Part 2 is published as well. These podcasts are based on a blog of a similar name posted just below

Happy listening!

Happy listening! 🙂

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